Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data secure?

Yes! In fact we use 256-bit bank-level encryption to ensure everything sent "over the wire" is totally secure. We personally use Cheddar too and are just as concerned about our financial data. Security and privacy are a top priority!

How do you use my financial data?

We import your data and send it directly to your Google Sheet. Thats it. Your data is never read or shared with 3rd party vendors nor is it used "anonymously" to gather financial insights or statistics among other users. Your data is yours only and we believe strongly in that.

What happens if I delete my account?

We delete every financial record in our database. Its like you didnt exist. However, your Google Sheet will remain safe and untouched.

Do you have a free trial?

Absolutely! You're welcome to test drive Cheddar free for 14 days! This is a great way to kick the tires and see if spreadsheet budgeting is for you.

How often do you update Google Sheets?

As often as possible! This really depends on your bank but the majority of major banks notify us a few times a day. Some smaller banks may only send us updates every 24 hours.

Are there cancellation or other fees?

No! Our subscription is month to month and doesn't come with any contracts or additional or hidden fees. What you see is what you get. How refreshing!

Can I customize my spreadsheet?

Yes and we encourage you to do so! The only tabs you won't want change the structure of are "Transactions" and "Categories". If you want to create additional reports using that data, go for it!

What happens if I break my spreadsheet?

No problem! You can always try re-generating it from your account dashboard. Otherwise, feel free to contact us! We're always happy to lend a helping hand.